August 26, 2022

We Salute Arlene, director of St Theresa's Care Centre

Arlene Deborah Bowes of St Theresa’s Child and Youth Care Centre

Meet Arlene Deborah Bowes of St Theresa’s Child and Youth Care Centre – one of Community Chest’s NPO Impact Partners. Her hopes and dreams for St Theresa’s are to continue to provide holistic care for orphaned and vulnerable boys. Established 97 years ago, Arlene strives to maintain the invaluable work of the Centre started by the Augustinian Sisters under the ethos of ‘love and mercy.’

“I dream that these values will be emulated throughout society and that sound morals, honesty and integrity are revived and upheld,’’ explains Arlene.

Arlene is a former educator and deputy principal at Bechet High School in Durban. “I was in the education field for 34 years until I started as the Director at St Theresa’s Child and Youth Care Centre under the guidance of the Augustinian Sisters and Board of Management,” continues Arlene.

She works with a team of 26 staff members and the NPO, based in Sydenham, is registered to care for 72 boys between the ages of 4 and 18 years. “This is not a job but rather a blessing to be of service to the children in need of care.”

Arlene is also a breast Cancer survivor and volunteer for ‘Reach for Recovery’ which offers support to Breast Cancer patients at local hospitals. This service also provides the opportunity for her to assist others on their Cancer journey and Arlene thanks God for His grace to allow her to give back in a small way.

The women who head up Community Chest's NPO Impact Partners, in all areas of service, are phenomenal, strong, and caring with a passion for serving the community. We honour and appreciate you all.

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