trust partners

We partner with Trusts to provide upliftment and restore dignity and hope

Support received from Charitable Trusts enables us to provide our Impact Partners with a financial commitment at the beginning of each year. Our Impact Partners can then budget accordingly, and rest assured that operational costs are partially covered for the year. Vital services to beneficiaries are thereby planned for and sustained.  Funding from Charitable Trusts fluctuates annually and ultimately affects the grant programme distribution budget.

With approximately 45% of total annual income being derived from Trusts, we are cognisant of the significance and great impact that these grants have, not only on the dependability of our funding to Impact Partners, but also on the long-term sustainability of all Community Chest projects and missions.  

Income from Testamentary and Perpetual Trusts is wisely invested with knowledgeable financial advisors, in line with the requirements of SARS and our Constitution. The income made from these investments covers all Community Chest's operating costs, allowing us tore-distribute 100% of donor funding received to Impact Partners.

Monthly diligence reports are provided by Impact Partners so we can assess that grant funding is being utilised for the intended purpose. This allows us to provide feedback and peace of mind to Trust administers that allocations are being used judiciously, and for maximum benefit to the community.