100% of NPO funding is allocated to our 105+ Impact Partners

Community Chest grant funding is allocated annually to compliant, community-based welfare organisations, after applications are subjected to a rigorous due diligence process.

Our priority mission is the alleviation of poverty, which is aided by directing funding more generously to under resourced areas (urban and rural), whilst ensuring that funding is allocated where it can generate the highest community impact.  

Application forms are available in August every year, must be completed and returned together with the required supporting documentation at a date that is determined towards the end of November.

Funding is approved by the Grant Management Committee on their consideration of each and every application, with the following provisos:

  • The applicant is providing a vital service to their community.
  • The application is compliant in all required aspects.
  • All supporting documents are in order, correct and meet our due diligence guidelines.
  • All within the over-reaching proviso that funding is available to disburse.

Our grants are allocated with the intention to fund the applicant’s operational / running costs and not Capital items. Capital items can only be funded when we receive a Donor Advised Gift, which specifically requires Capital Items to be funded. Learn more about DAG’s here (link).

When annual grants are approved, payment is made over 12 months and is dependent on the recipient’s submission of compliant monthly progress reports in the prescribed format.

Furthermore, a Grant Agreement is entered into between Community Chest Durban and the impact partner organisation, detailing guidelines and expected outcomes of the funding partnership.

what we fund

  • Organisations that work in the Durban and Coastal region of KwaZulu-Natal in the human services field, working against poverty by addressing basic human needs and aspirations.
  • Registered Non-Profit Organisations.
  • Operational costs which support the purpose of the NPO e.g. salaries, motor vehicle running costs, insurance, municipal services, stationery, printing etc.
  • Programme costs e.g. therapeutic counselling, seedlings for vegetable tunnels, food for orphans, skills development etc.


To establish if your organisation could qualify for funding download the AMBIT requirements below and submit the required information with a written overview of your organisation, either via Email or Fax.

Download Ambit requirements

what we don't fund

  • Companies or For Profit Entities
  • Individuals for bursaries.
  • Capital items, e.g. buildings, motor vehicles, equipment etc.
  • Conferences and overseas travel.
  • Start- up costs. Projects must have run for 2 -3 years and be able to demonstrate community need for their services.
  • Duplication of services. We will only support one project in a certain sector in one community.
  • Events or the celebrations of special days.
  • Organisations with substantial cash or investment reserves that consistently operate at a surplus.