January 23, 2023

Taking care of older persons in our communities

Taking care of older persons in our communities

The plight of the impoverished elderly in South Africa is a serious issue. Many live in poverty, with limited access to healthcare, proper housing, and adequate nutrition. They are also more vulnerable to crime and abuse which leads to poor physical and mental health and social isolation. Sadly their vulnerability leads to exploitation by family members, caregivers, or other individuals they trust.

Many elderly individuals rely on government pensions or other forms of social assistance to survive. However, these pensions and grants are often inadequate to cover the cost of living, and many elderly individuals are forced to make difficult choices, such as cutting back on food or medical expenses, in order to make ends meet.

Another major factor that contributes to the plight of the impoverished elderly in South Africa is the lack of access to healthcare. The majority live in rural areas or informal settlements where there is limited access to healthcare services. This can make it difficult for them to receive the medical care they need, and can lead to a wide range of health problems, such as untreated chronic illnesses, infections, and injuries. To make matters worse, many are unable to afford the cost of adequate healthcare services.

This is the reason why Community Chest Durban supports 12 NPO Impact Partners who care for the elderly, physically and emotionally. A safe haven is provided for the elderly where they can receive nutritious food, shelter, have access to the medical support they need, as well as mental stimulation and social engagement.

These Community Impact Partners include:

  • Aryan Benevolent Home
  • Alzheimer SA
  • Association for the Aged Darnall
  • Issy Geshen Lamont Home for the Aged
  • KwaMashu Christian Care
  • Masisizane Services
  • Mshukangubo Association
  • Muthande Association
  • Umusa Uyasilandela
  • Umzinto Association for the Aged
  • Verulam Frail and Daycare Centre
  • Zibambeleni Old Age Home

When you support Community Chest Durban you are helping the elderly receive the dignity and security they deserve.

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