April 1, 2022

R45 000’s worth of products donated to young, single moms

Community Chest Durban has the privilege of working with incredibly loyal and generous donors who give consistently year in and year out, restoring dignity and hope in so many people’s lives.

Passionate supporter, Wendy Palmer, donated R45 000 for the benefit of young mothers in challenging circumstances. These funds were split over three NPO Impact Partners who each supported 15 young ladies and their babies - Ethembeni Crisis Care Centre, Sibusisiwe-Clermont Child and Family Welfare, and Child Welfare SA Margate.

Each mother received a R500 supermarket voucher and then R500’s worth of suitable goods which each NPO selected and bought.

Ethembeni Crisis Care Centre is a registered non-profit organisation based at eMangangeni in KwaNdengezi Township supporting 238 abused women and children.

In 2003, the community of KwaNdengezi realised the need for a Rehabilitation Centre owing to the high rate of domestic violence against women and vulnerable children and other related abuse targeted toward women and children.

In 2004, a gap was bridged in combatting the abuse and Ethembeni Crisis Care Centre was established. Its mission is to protect, support and accommodate abused women and children in the Crisis Care Centre. Promoting self-esteem, encouraging and motivating the victims of domestic violence to be survivors and supporting survivors of HIV/AIDS, is all part of their mission.  

Sibusisiwe-Clermont Child and Family Welfare Society provides support to 859 children and adults, based in the area. They provide a Child Abuse Management Programme, raise awareness about abuse in schools, clinics, and at social gatherings, teach parents and children protective behaviour and provide therapeutic services to abused children and their families.

They provide preschool education and offer alternative placement through the recruitment of foster parents, the placement of children in need of care, as well as reconstruction work with families in preparation for the child’s return to the family of origin.

Child Welfare SA Margate is based in Margate on KwaZulu-Natal’s South Coast and caters to this area and surrounding areas providing support to 72 866 children and their families.

This NPO Impact Partner provides counselling services on all social problems affecting children and their families. Assistance in obtaining birth, death and identity documents and the management of adoption services. They focus on child abuse and protective behaviour as well as school outreach programmes.

“A shout out to Community Chest Durban who is always assisting the community and facilitating donor-advised gifts to ensure they reach the right people – those who need it most,” says Mandy Erasmus from Child Welfare SA Margate.

“Fifteen single moms from our area were selected to receive a R500 grocery shopping voucher each and a pretty shopping bag filled with items to the value of R500 each. These essential items were determined by the number of children within the family and their ages, while not forgetting mom. A big thank you to Wendy Palmer for blessing these young mothers and their children. The display of gratitude was overwhelming,” concludes Mandy.

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