September 16, 2022

Leave a Legacy of Love, Hope and Dignity

Elsie from the Issy Geshen Lamont Home

You may not know it, but you have the power to help thousands of needy people, simply by leaving a charitable bequest to Community Chest Durban in your Will.

If you are creating your first Will, amending your present Will or perhaps preparing a new one, please consider leaving a bequest to Community Chest Durban. The Community Chest is a non-profit organisation committed to raising and distributing funds in a professional and efficient manner to organisations engaged in meeting the welfare and developmental needs of the community.

Your gift will go a long way to providing care and sustenance to many deprived and handicapped children, as well as assisting our elderly in KwaZulu-Natal. By giving to the Community Chest, you can make a meaningful and lasting contribution to the welfare of our most vulnerable citizens.

It’s not easy talking about dying or leaving a Will, but with a little care, you can make your Will a positive channel of love and hope. Your loved ones will be served by a clear and legally binding statement of how you wish your possessions and assets to be distributed. Once you have made provision for your loved ones and additional responsibilities, you may wish to consider leaving a charitable legacy.

Your Will presents a wonderful opportunity to help the under-resourced and needy, possibly in a way that you cannot afford right now. In addition, bequeathing money to charity is tax deductible with regard to estate duties, and may save your estate a significant amount.

Many people choose to support the community in which they have lived and prospered. Community Chest Durban is in turn ideal for those living in KwaZulu-Natal. Community Chest supports charities in the Durban surrounding areas, extending its services as far north as Richards Bay and as far south as Munster.

Funding received assists in providing services as diverse as childcare, homes for the aged, care for the disabled, care and support for the terminally ill, prevention of alcohol and drug dependency and crime prevention programmes, as well as skills training and job creation projects.

For 90 years, Community Chest has been dedicated to serving KZN communities and has endeavoured to remain relevant in a changing society. We take pride in the fact that good governance and accountability remain top priorities on our agenda. By working through credible and efficient organisations, we ensure that funds reach their intended recipients.

Should you contemplate making a gift of support, we ask you to consider the following options:

A Capital Bequest

This is normally in the form of a capital donation, usually via a bequest in a Will. Your gift is kept intact and lasts indefinitely as the capital sum is preserved and only the income earned, or a percentage is spent, e.g.,75% is spent, ensuring that your gift will last in perpetuity.


A Separate Fund

A separate fund can be set up with Community Chest, which the donor is free to name. The Community Chest can administer this internally. You can decide to direct the income from the fund to a specific cause, i.e., care of children or the elderly.

A General Fund

Funds are distributed in the current year and contribute to the targeted amount that Community Chest requires to raise annually in order to meet its funding obligations to beneficiaries.

Specific items of value may be bequeathed – property, motor vehicles, furniture, art or jewellery.

Proceeds of life insurance policies or a new policymay be directed towards Community Chest.


Those who will benefit include:

Children’s Homes

The Elderly

Child Welfare

The Physically Challenged

Mental Health Programmes

Early Childhood Development

Child Assessment Centres

Family Care Centres

Youth Work Projects


The Chronically and Terminally ill

Programmes for the Prevention of Substance Abuse

Skills Development and Job Creation


Give Celeste a call on 031 303 3890 or 082 200  4046 or email to discuss your options to leave a legacy.



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