December 22, 2021

Gaps in Education and Skills Development

The Effect of COVID19 on the Youth

Child Welfare SA Port Shepstone (CWPS) is dedicated to protecting and nurturing children within their family units in 22, predominantly rural, areas. The public benefit organisation promotes an awareness of social ills, initiates the relevant remedies and strives to ease economic inequality.  

“As an NPO we are no strangers to challenges,” explains Karin Holtzhausen, Administrative Manager for CWPS. “Resources are always a concern and we rely mainly on fundraising initiatives, the generous support of community members, both private and corporate, and the crucial aid of organisations such as the Community Chest Durban to keep us functional.”  

“The onset of the pandemic did, however, aggravate the situation,’’ continues Karin. “We could not host fundraising events and donations and sponsorships were vastly affected. Many businesses were negatively impacted by the restrictions and had to cut or cancel their expenditure and social responsibility budgets.’’  

“Job losses soon caused a considerable increase in the demand for social relief but to counter these consequences, a handful of businesses and organisations still capable of providing support, rallied to our aid. Our beneficiaries did not go hungry, but the cancellation of our education programmes has left a gap in learning and skills development in our community, which we need to make up.’’  

“Our educational programmes were largely compromised because, when schools re-opened, peripheral parties were not permitted to enter the premises. Most of our programmes and projects were suspended or had to be modified and opportunities to obtain vital life skills were lost.”  

“I must commend our social workers and their absolute devotion to our beneficiaries. When programmes failed due to poor attendance, the team took to the field work and home visits intensified.” 

“I do believe we were able to mitigate any lasting effects and we will be here to cushion the fallout. We will continue to fight the good fight as long as we are standing!” concludes Karin.



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