March 18, 2022

Vegetable gardens provide food and help alleviate poverty

Gardening at Vulamehlo Hospice and Respite Centre

NCT Forestry has been supporting Community Chest Durban since 2013 and their latest contribution has made a real impact on five of our NPO Impact Partners.

NCT provided Vulamehlo Hospice and Respite Centre, Sonke Care Centre, Masisizane Service Centre, Molweni Zimele Centre and Sizanani Aids home-based Care Centre with R10 000’s worth of gardening equipment each. In all instances, this has directly benefitted the people in their care.

Vulamehlo Hospice and Respite Centre has been in existence for more than 10 years serving the KwaDukuza Municipality Community. It is an established TB, HIV/AIDS and Cancer institution. The organisation provides 24-hour in-patient palliative nursing care as well as organises support groups. HIV/Aids counselling, bereavement counselling, health education and nutritional support is also offered.

The organisation has 20 bedded in-patient units, providing nursing to frail-care patients and cares for approximately 150 TB and HIV+ patients in the community. Their objective is to improve the nutritional status of their immune-compromised patients.  

The donation of the garden equipment allowed them to establish a hospice garden. This will enable Vulamehlo to serve their patients organic, freshly grown vegetables and will also act as a poverty alleviator in the community.

Sonke Care Centre is a day-care facility for physically and mentally challengedchildren operating in KwaNdengezi. Thecentre caters for 28 young children from the area, between the ages of 6 to 18years. The organisation prepares lunch on a daily basis for the children usingthe vegetables from their garden.

The acquisition of gardening equipment has benefitted the children as they will have more food and a greater variety generated from a thriving vegetable garden.

Masisizane Service Centre has been operating in Ward 44 in Inanda for the past 13 years and focuses on p elderly with basic education, exercises to promote healthy living and candle making, gardening and beadwork for creativity and to improve fine motor skills. The organisation serves 350 elderly community members, aged 60 years and above. They also provide meals to the elderly, home-based nursing care to those who are bedridden and distribute food parcels to orphans.

The organisation was in need of gardening equipment to maintain and grow their vegetable garden as it provides nutritional support through their food security programmes.

Molweni Zimele Centre has been in operation for many years in Molweni, Valley of 1000 Hills. The organisation brings change into the lives of 68 children and youth with special needs, who would otherwise have been neglected.

The organisation started a vegetable garden as a way of generating income for the Centre.  The garden also provides food to some of the disadvantaged ladies in the community.

Sizanani Aids Home-Based Care Centre is a registered NPO in KwaMashu, Ward 41 that caters for those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. The organisation provides home-based care to HIV/Aids patients and provides school support to orphans and vulnerable children.

Currently, the organisation works with 4 272 persons and the gardening support project allows them to provide more food parcels to disadvantaged families. They have two gardens and were in dire need of protective clothing, gloves and gumboots.

The impact of flourishing vegetable gardens in the provision of food and alleviation of poverty is substantial and this is thanks to NCT Forestry and the well-run NPOs that Community Chest Durban mentor and support.

Should you wish to support any of the 90 NPO Impact Partners in Community Chests care, please find their bank details below. Every Rand donated helps to empower and enhance those in our community who need care.

Banking Details:    
Community Chest Section 18A Fund
First National Bank, Durban
Branch Code: 22-14-26
Account Number: 62036038463



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