December 28, 2021

Community Chest Develops a National Proficiency Index

Developing Strategies Based On Data

The Proficiency Index was developed by Community Chest as a diagnostic and benchmarking tool for the non-profit organisation sector in South Africa. It was designed to identify gaps in overall governance within a national context.

It enables participating partners to develop strategies based on accurate data, collected with the goal of improving their proficiency index score and ultimately facilitating future growth and sustainability. Organisations can evaluate how their results compare to similar organisations elsewhere in the country. Should a minimum compliance requirement not be met in any area of operation, the organisation is advised that they are required to develop and implement a corrective plan of action.

Once an assessment is completed, the proficiency index rating of the community impact partner is submitted to the National Proficiency Index officer, who adds the information to the national database to establish sectoral and geographical profiles.

Chest Chest notes that most beneficiary organisations are run by individuals with a passion for their cause - they do tremendous work with little or no resources, are not computer literate, and have no financial expertise or any form of business training.

We use the results from the National Proficiency Index as a diagnostic tool to purposely direct our Capacity Building Training Programme to build capacity, inform strategy and empower sustainability within our community.

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